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      Company Profile

      Zhejiang Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on june, 16th, 2008, derived from Iande City Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd., used to be Xinanjiang Fertilizer Factory founded in 1967.

      Xinhua quoted share on National Equities Exchange and quotations.(Stock Code :839128)

      After development for more than 40 years,XINHUA now has 4 manufacturing bases, located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Jiangxi province. XINHUA is mainly engaged in the production and operation of Organic Amine series, Aroma chemical series, Peroxide series,Synthetic Ammonia series and other fine chemicals.

      XINHUA leads the field in C2-C8, organic amines and turpentine oil derivatives. The products are well-known in domestic China and also exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

      The process from manufacturing, storage to distribution of our products obeys to internal and international standards, and we are the first one in the industry passing quality certification ISO 9001,envirment certification ISO14001 and occupational health&safety certification GB/T 28001. We havea provincial enterprise research center and a provincial enterprise technical center. DCS automatic control technology is widely used in the production.

      To build a “ Healthy, Safety, Green,Environment Friendly” enterprise ,we keep the strategic policy “People Oriented”,S&T Innovation, Integrity Management,Sustainable Development”. Aiming to be leading professional Chemical supplier in china and worldwide famous and respectable enterprise.

      Sustainable Development
      Contact Us

      ?E-mail: xhhg@xhchem.com

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