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      Company Culture

      Corporate mission, vision, core value
      1. 1Our mission: Provide return for shareholders, provide platform for employees; create value for customers, create wealth for society.

      1. 2 Our vision and pursuit: Relying on bit by bit, down-to-earth, perseverant and unremitting efforts, we are determined to become the world's leading professional chemical suppliers meanwhile to become a global competitive, sustainable, respected and well-known enterprises.

      1.3 Our core value: Responsibility, Innovation, Harmony, Win-Win.

      Enterprise ' s Code of Ethics Behavior.
      2.1  Qualified staff
      Responsible, active, proactive and effective employees are our greatest wealth

      2.2  Enterprise spirit
      Hard work, teamwork, sense of responsibility, innovation, dedication and enterprising are the quintessence and typical characteristics of our corporate culture, and are the guarantee and internal requirements for our cause to achieve sustainable development. To be realistic is our code of conduct.

      2.3  Distribution of interests
      We advocate taking into account the common interests of shareholders, employees and customers, and strive to explore the most reasonable benefit distribution mechanism. We will never let those who contribute to the company suffer and give them a reasonable return, meanwhile we will never give in to the meritorious staff.

      2.4   Cultural policy
      Culture can influence people's imagination and creativity, and excellent corporate culture can deeply influence and enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of employees, and then transform into productivity.

      Cultural policy: we pay attention to economic construction and spiritual civilization construction, both hands should be hard, we insist and advocate to promote material civilization with spiritual civilization, promote spiritual civilization with material civilization.

      Basic Concepts
      3.1 Business philosophy
      Business philosophy: scientific and technological innovation, responsibility and integrity, safety and environmental protection.
      Business policy: seeking truth from facts, continuing business, win-win cooperation.

      3.2  The concept of employing people
      The concept of employing people: We respect knowledge, but we are not just talking about education(sharing, easy to use); We respect talents, but we do not have only talents.

      Principle of employment: openness, fairness and justice. In order to ensure an open, fair and fair management atmosphere and employment environment, the company implements a kinship avoidance system and a competitive recruitment system within the company, and strives to create conditions and provide a stage for employees to display their talents.

      3.3  Customer Perception
      XINHUA’s customer perception: Because of customers, the company will have benefits; Only if the company is effective, shareholders and employees will have platforms and interests; Only if customers continue to develop, XINHUA’s development could continue to develop healthy. We should not only value and respect our customers, but also treat them as our teachers and friends, learn from each other and learn from each other's experience, and at the same time transmit to each other through various channels of  XINHUA’s corporate culture of equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Strengthen mutual understanding and trust with customers in order to forge closer cooperation.

      Sustainable Development
      Contact Us

      ?E-mail: xhhg@xhchem.com

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