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      What' s REACH?
      EU REACH regulation is the abbreviation of “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”, the full title is “Registration, assessment, licensing and restriction of chemical”,  it’s EU’s precautionary management regulation on the chemicals entering its market, effective on June 1, 2007, and implement on June 1, 2008.

      REACH target
      REACH requires to finish the registration of about 30,000 chemicals currently in use within 11 years. They expect the parts of most dangerous chemicals be phased out, and replaced by safe chemicals, to achieve high levels of protection for human health and environment, data sharing, and reducing animal testing, to ensure the process of innovation and competition.

      Basic principles of REACH
      The basic principles of REACH including: Preventability ; No data, No marketing; one substance, one registeration.

      REACH registration required Substance
      REACH divides the form of existence of substance into substance themselves, substance in configuration and substance in materials. No matter substance themselves or substance in configuration, as long as the quantity greater than or equal to 1t /year/person, the substance must be registered, here the “person” means any manufacturer or importer in the European Union. For monomer and separable and transferable intermediates, registration shall be made according to their registration requirements. Polymer no need to be register, but if the mass fraction of monomer of polymer greater than or equal to 2%, and the quantity greater than or equal to 1t/year/person, and haven’t been registered by the doer on the supply chain, then the monomer must be registered. Substances with a total content of more than 1t/year/person in the materials and intended to be released under normal use and reasonably encountered conditions of use must be registered.

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