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        • Pesticide Intermediates
        • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
        • Organic Solvent
        • Mineral Chemicals
        • Water Treatment Chemical
        • Bactericide
        • Aromatic Chemicals
        • Electronic grade, food grade chemicals
        • Flame Retardant
        • Surface Active Agent
        • Inorganic chemicals

        Company Profil

        Zhejiang Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on june, 16th, 2008, derived from Iande City Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd., used to be Xinanjiang Fertilizer Factory founded in 1967.
        Xinhua quoted share on National Equities Exchange and quotations.(Stock Code :839128)
        After development for more than 40 years,XINHUA now has 4 manufacturing bases

        Sustainable Development
        Contact Us

        ?E-mail: xhhg@xhchem.com

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